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You can dance if you want to.

October 2006
Ten Years After By Mike Doktorski
A tenth anniversary look back at the original NBU compilation CD.

June 1998
Q&A: Dean Ween
By Jennifer S. Doktorski

Sooper kool interview with Mickey Melchiondo of the band WEEN. From the NBU 'zine archives.


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January 2004
Stuck Up By The Milwaukees By Mike Doktorski

The hardest working band in NJ plots world domination.

January 2002
Guitars, Guitars, Guitars: WBJB-FM's Guitar Show 2002
by Mike Doktorski
On Sunday, February 17, Brookdale Public Radio WBJB-FM presents its 5th Annual Guitar Show at the campus of Brookdale Community College. Andrea Koenig, development director at WBJB and coordinator of the Guitar Show, recently took a few minutes to give NBU the down-lo on this year's event.
December 2004
Standing On The Shoulders of Giants By Mike Doktorski
The Grip Weeds dish on their latest album Giant On The Beach.
December 2003
Six Degrees of the Stuntocks By Mike Doktorski

An interview with the enigmatic Johnny Stuntcock provides a behind the scenes look at one of New Brunswick's most legendary and beloved bands.
December 2001
George Harrison: In Memorium
By Mike Doktorski
A reflection on the passing of the legendary Beatles guitarist.
October 2004
Holding Out for a Hero
By Mike Doktorski

NBU profiles Hero Pattern...one of NJ's hottest new bands..
November 2003
In The Garage with The Anderson Council
By Mike Doktorski

NB Brit-pop revivalists strike a chord with Little Steven.
February 2001
Mr Ray Starts Dreaming

By Jennifer S. Doktorski
The alter-ego of local musician Ray Anderson, "Mr. Ray" has become somewhat legendary. Playing to pint-sized audiences that range from 8 months to more than 10 years old, Mr. Ray brings rock and roll to kids throughout Central Jersey.
June 2004
Who's Who In The HUB City

By Mike Doktorski

NBU runs down a baker's dozen of the hottest original acts currently making the scene in New Brunswick.
May 2004
Spiraling Under Control

By Mike Doktorski

Interview with Tom Brislin -- frontman for NB pop-rock quartet Spiraling.
January 2001
Little T & One Track Mike Are Famous!
By Jason Kundrath
Armed with a Lava/Atlantic record deal, New Brunswick's premier hip-hop collective is poised for world domination.
April 1999
Q&A: Glen Burtnik
By Jennifer & Mike Doktorski

An in-depth interview with local singer/songriter Glen Burtnik. From the NBU 'zine archives.
March 2004
Made In The Shade

By Mike Doktorski

Get the down-lo on Shade, one of New Brunswick's best up-and-coming young rock bands.
June 2003
5 Minutes w/ Brett Neilly

By Mike Doktorski

A chat with the erstwhile NBR bassist about the band's major label record deal.
March 2005
Catching Up With Robin Renee By Mike Doktorski
From Spy Gods to All Six Senses, singer-songwriter Robin Renee chats up NBU on all things Robin.
February 2004
Slowing Down With Val
By Mike Doktorski

Hub City singer/songwriter Val Emmich dishes on music, politics, and the music biz.
June 1998
120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield
By Andy Gesner, Pete Konczal, and Jennifer S. Doktorski

A sit down with MTV VJ and New Brunswick native Matt Pinfield. From the NBU 'zine archives.

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